Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Click on the RISKCONTROL360° icon to the left and you will be directed to the industry specific web page within the website. There you can find up-to-date safety links with current industry specific safety materilas and articles to fulfill most of the BWC SH-2 requirements and provide safety resources to your members. 

Do You Know What Hazards Your Employees Face On the Job?
Conduct a Job Safety Analysis to find out.

Workers' Compensation Group Rating Plan Representative
Amber Hart, Program Manager, CareWorks Consultants, Inc.
Office: 614-932-1553

Safety & Hygiene's Service Catalog
The BWC/Safety & Hygiene's Service Catalog is available on-line electronically by using the link here. This electronic version is easily searchable by specific term/terms using the CNTRL + F keys. Or, copies of the Services Catalog (DS23) can be requested by visiting their website here.

To view the Behavioral Health Survey results, please click here.