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A Look at Morrison Medical

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A Look at Morrison Medical

Firefighting is an important and dangerous business. It’s easy to twist or break something when you’re trying to save people and property from flames. That’s why the most common work-related injuries among firefighters are musculoskeletal disorders. Most Fire Chiefs already know that, but they might not know that the nation’s largest manufacturer of wooden splints used to treat those injuries is headquartered right here in the Buckeye State, and has been since its founding over 50 years ago.

Morrison Medical is one of the nation’s oldest manufacturers and suppliers of emergency medical equipment, serving fire and rescue personnel as well as paramedics, first responders, emergency room personnel and acute care facilities. Based in Columbus, they specialize in a range of products for patient transport, restraint and immobilization. Last year in response to the COVID-19 crisis, they greatly expanded their range of PPE such as face masks, face shields, latex-free gloves, disposable gowns and isolation kits.

“Our founder Robert D. Morrison was a doctor who patented a unique ankle hitch as well as a disposable stretcher sheet on a roll. That’s how the whole business started, with just those two products,” said Managing Partner Kevin Jeffers.

Over half a century later, Morrison Medical’s product line has grown to include hundreds of items covering all aspects of emergency medical response, and while they remain the nation’s top producer of wooden splints, they also offer cardboard and plastic varieties, in both padded and non-padded versions in sizes from neonatal to extra long.

Fire departments throughout Ohio likely have other Morrison Medical products in their stations as well, whether it’s straps, backboards, head immobilizers or PPE. While Morrison Medical doesn’t sell directly to end users, their network of over 350 distributors does, and supports the company’s 100% satisfaction guarantee and full money-back warranty on everything they sell.

“Because our company was founded by an inventor, we’ve always had that entrepreneurial approach to the business,” said Jeffers. “If our customers are asking for something we’re open to their ideas and we do our best to produce it at an affordable price.”

The fact that the firm has always maintained Midwestern friendliness and customer service may also have helped it grow over the years. “A lot of our success has been built by long-term relationships with our customers,” said Jeffers. “We see ourselves as assisting them in the care and rehabilitation of people in their hour of need, and that’s a privilege that’s not to be taken lightly,” he added.

Morrison Medical has recently expanded into international markets and has upgraded internal technology to support two-dimensional product barcodes to speed the shipping process. As a new member of the Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Association, Morrison Medical looks forward to better serving the needs of fire departments throughout the state.


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