Healthy Heroes Program

Clark Schaefer Hackett is raising $80,000 to purchase decontamination units for Ohio and Northern Kentucky fire stations. Our goal is to help firefighters and first responders remove toxins after fighting fires, which will help them stay healthier. It’s one way we’re bettering the lives of our communities. To help firefighters expel these toxins faster, fire stations in the U.S. and Canada have started to incorporate sauna detoxification in their post-fire routines. Many are using “cycle saunas” that incorporate exercise and heat to promote faster, more efficient sweating to get the toxins out of the body as quickly as possible.
These detoxification systems are effective, but are often too expensive for fire stations to fit into their budgets. That’s where our fundraising program comes in. CSH wants to make this treatment available to firefighters in our communities.
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